Hey there folks, I know everything is pretty new around here but just a few of the basics and then our first priorities:

DNA 404 could not have been made without every single person on the cast and credits page. Every single one of them are skilled and talented people. I’ve loved working with every single one of them so far and you absolutely should follow them, work with them or go check out their other projects. I would love nothing more than to create more than season 1 of DNA 404 and hire every single one of them to continue working with me on this project.

That said, most of the behind the scenes work is done by me, Theo Perth. I’ve planned carefully over the last several months to create our initial buffer and to begin learning some new skills. You may see some improvements as the episodes continue, that said, feedback and questions are welcome, but be kind if I am not quick to respond.

Please do not send me ideas for the plot or characters. I can’t and won’t use outside ideas due to the potential abuse of creative work. I perform the initial draft of the writing and Adam Lloyd is our editor.

However if you have feedback regarding the issues the characters face, or social issues you see in the writing, please let us know.

  • We will be updating DNA 404 every other Monday.
  • The first season will be fully posted (most places you can get your podcasts).
    • We will be building our support to continue the series beyond our first season.
    • How long is the first season? Estimated to be 12-15 full episodes. (Not including any extra content in Patreon or shared publicly.)
  • DNA 404 covers some sensitive topics. Trigger warnings will be appropriately placed in writing and audibly at the beginning of episodes. Should you find there was sensitive material we did not properly warn the audience for, please let us know at any time.
  • The Patreon
    • Does not have much yet, but will be getting additional content posted around the time our first episode releases.
    • While posting over the next several months we will hopefully get enough support to continue the series beyond that!
    • The Patreon doesn’t have much available yet, but will soon! There will be a monthly minisode exclusive to patrons. There will be additional content such as a tangentially related webcomic, wallpapers (and other digital downloads), ad free episodes (if we begin to feature ads in our regular feed), and similar!
    • There will also be full sized bonus episodes that will be genre flavored adventures. These will have a somewhat different feel to them than the regular plot, but we will be considering audience favorites. A twitter poll might only be feeling out the genre. The Patreon poll will let the audience decide which of the ideas deserve priority!

Thank you for dropping by, and thank you for listening. I hope this gave you an idea of what to expect in the coming days!